Boating Incident Leaves Man Paralyzed

In 2010, Scott Vandenberg and his wife, Patricia Vandenberg, filed a lawsuit in Cook County, Illinois in the Circuit Court. The lawsuit stemmed from an incident that occurred the prior year, in 2009, when Mr. Vandenberg was catastrophically injured while attending his company’s party on a yacht. Mr. Vandenberg fell from the top deck of the yacht to the bottom deck, and unfortunately, he broke his neck from the fall and was rendered quadriplegic. The yacht was owned by Brunswick Corporation and was being chartered by RQM, L.L.C.

In the lawsuit, Scott and Patricia were seeking $103 million in damages for past medical bills, future medical care, loss of wages, loss of normal life, and loss of consortium. The lawsuit named Brunswick Corporation and RQM, L.L.C. as co-defendants. Before the case proceeded to trial, though, RQM, L.L.C. settled with Scott and Patricia for an undisclosed amount.

On May 15, 2010, the case-as against Brunswick Corporation-went to trial. Over the course of the next three weeks, the case was tried to a twelve-member jury. After arguments, while the jury was deliberating its verdict, the attorneys for the Plaintiffs and Defendants began settlement negotiations. Ultimately, the parties settled the case roughly ten minutes before the jury reached its decision: they agreed to a settlement of $25 million. Because of certain procedural issues, the settlement is currently being appealed by Brunswick Corporation.

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