Man Racing in His Car Hits Deputy

Last night, a man was racing on I-45, the North Freeway, when he crashed into a patrol car driven by a deputy. The wreck occurred shortly before midnight near Victory Drive. The motorist slammed into a cruiser of a Precinct 4 Deputy Constable. The crash was so violent that it caused the police car to roll about four times before coming to a rest. The deputy received undisclosed injuries from the collision.

After the impact, Daniel Cadiz, the suspect, fled in his black vehicle. Authorities later located him in the same vehicle and arrested him. It was reported that he said he fled because he did not have a driver’s license and because he had been racing another car. He was charged with the crimes of racing and failure to stop and render aid.

Many citizens enjoy motor sports. And, there are facilities that cater to that interest. They provide locations where fans can watch and even race their cars. Without question, however, the place for racing does not include public streets. The danger to the person who is racing, as well as to other motorists, is simply too high and is unacceptable. Here, in the process of seeking a thrill, a guy who wanted to race his car has injured a law enforcement officer. That officer, or another innocent citizen, could have been killed. The criminal laws prohibit this type of conduct, and hopefully this defendant will be fully prosecuted in accordance with the procedural and substantive laws to obtain a just result. In addition, the civil laws may provide the injured deputy with suitable compensation. All of those people involved in the civil and criminal handling of this matter should ensure a proper outcome that provides a fair remedy to the injured deputy and a fitting punishment for the defendant.

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