Bicyclist Struck by Automobile

Another bicyclist has been hit by a car. And, again, a driver causing a wreck has fled. This time, however, the injured bicyclist has survived, and the suspected driver has been caught.

The incident occurred on Washington Avenue last Friday. At about 11:30 p.m., near the intersection of Washington and Henderson, the cyclist was hit by a white Subaru. The sedan’s windshield, hood, and right-side mirror were involved.

Afterwards, the driver sped off. But, police located a similar vehicle with comparable damages, and they arrested the driver, reported to be 27-year-old Raymond Cui. Mr. Cui was charged with multiple offenses, including felony failure to stop and render aid, and driving while intoxicated. Multiple people witnessed the scene of the collision immediately afterwards. That is because there was an annual bike ride that had concluded near the place where the wreck occurred, and the participants came outside when it happened.

Circumstances were not so fortuitous in August. Then, an elderly bicycle rider was killed in Houston, after one had been earlier killed in Austin. Plus, three times earlier this year in Houston drivers fled after fatal crashes.

Friday’s incident reminds motorists to beware of those riding bicycles. And, it also serves as a warning to cyclists to be mindful that vehicular traffic may not observe or heed their presence. Finally, it instructs all drivers involved in a collisions to stop and render aid, as the law suitably requires.

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