Doghouse Slid Out of Truck and Caused Fatalities

Alyssa Chambers, a woman whose husband and 4-year-old daughter were killed after a doghouse fell out of a man’s truck and caused a pileup, has filed a lawsuit. Mrs. Chambers has sued the man who had the doghouse in his truck, a woman who rear-ended the car she was in, and the woman’s employer.

According to authorities, in August 2015, a large wooden doghouse slid out of Joshua Sinykin’s truck during rush hour on the interstate. The cars traveling behind Mr. Sinykin were forced to slow down, including the Chambers’ vehicle whose occupants included Ryan Chambers, his wife Alyssa, and their two daughters, Evelynn and Kaya.

Uchenna Uzoh collided with the Chamber’s vehicle, which forced it to smash into a semitrailer. Ryan Chambers and his daughter, Evelynn, were killed in the accident. Alyssa Chambers and her daughter, Kaya, sustained injuries but survived. Mr. Sinykin and Ms. Uzoh were both cited with driving infractions; Mr. Sinykin paid a $310 fine for failure to secure loose cargo and Ms. Uzoh was charged with speeding and following a vehicle too close. At the time of the accident, Ms. Uzoh was driving for her employer, Canyon Home Care and Hospice. At this time, Canyon Home Care and Hospice has not issued a comment in response to Mrs. Chambers’ suit.

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