Danger on Area Roadways

This was a deadly weekend on area roadways. At least four people died in vehicle-related incidents. And, recent media reports indicate that more than forty drivers were charged in March with felony dwi.

A man was killed in a one-car wreck at Cypress Station. Early indications were that speed was a factor. In addition, one was killed and another injured in a crash on the Gulf Freeway. Especially sad was the death of a one-year-old child when the child’s mother accidentally backed the car over the baby. Another one-car crash claimed the life of a motorist on Hillcroft. Finally, two people had to be rushed to the hospital by Life Flight because of a dwi-related collision.

These grim reports underscore the seriousness of motor vehicle collisions. Safe driving requires full and unimpaired attention. Unsafe driving causes property damages, lost time, injuries, and even death. Two leading causes of unsafe driving are distractions and impairment. And the most significant impairment is intoxication. That is why the number of felony dwis is shocking. Because, normally, a felony dwi either requires two prior dwis, or is one that causes bodily injury. Thus, these felony dwi s represent tremendous and unjustifiable hazards imposed upon other motorists, as well as the ones who are intoxicated, themselves.

Once again, we call upon those in the criminal and civil justice systems to impose the full measure of responsibility, consistent with justice and the law, upon people who endanger users of our public roadways.

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