Toyota Recalls 6.5 Million Vehicles Worldwide

Toyota has announced that it is recalling 6.5 million cars worldwide because of a potentially harmful defect in the operating mechanism of the driver’s side power window switch. The mechanism was supplied to Toyota by Rokai Rika Co. The recall represents approximately two-thirds of Toyota’s annual production.

Toyota says that the heat-resistant grease that must be applied to the power window switch may have been overlooked in the manufacturing phase of many of its vehicles. The lack of heat-resistant grease has the potential of causing a shortage in the circuit, which would leave the part with potential of overheating and melting. Toyota has also said that fire was a risk.

These risks are not hypothetical. There have been eleven reports of examples of the switch or part of the vehicle’s door burned. Of those, seven occurred in North America. In one incident, an owner’s hand was burned.

The following cars are on Toyota’s list of recalled vehicles:

• 2007 and 2009 Camry and Camry Hybrid

• 2009-2011 Corolla

• 2008-2011 Highlander and Highlander Hybrid

• 2009-2011 Matrix

• 2006-2011 RAV4

• 2009-2011 Sequoia

• 2009-2011 Tundra

• 2006-2010 Yaris

• 2009-2011 Scion xB

• 2009-2010 Scion xD

Toyota’s recall is not the only one facing the automotive industry. In 2014, over 74 million cars were recalled. And so far this year over 40 million have been recalled.

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