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Driver Headed Wrong Way Caused Fatal Head-on Collision

Two people are in critical condition, and a passenger was killed, in yet another “wrong way” collision on area highways. This is the third in a week.

The crash occurred early Sunday morning, about 4:00 a.m. The driver of a Suburban headed west near Baytown in the eastbound traffic lanes. Several motorists called police, but before authorities could get to the scene, the Suburban had crashed head-on into a PT Cruiser. The passenger of the PT Cruiser was killed. The drivers of the two vehicles were severely injured, and they were taken by helicopter to the emergency room. Police suspect that the driver of the Suburban was intoxicated; blood alcohol test results are pending.

The extreme danger of a head-on collision is evident to every driver. If alcohol is involved here, this illustrates that it can affect a person’s mental capabilities as well as his physical abilities. Only a driver who is thoroughly confused, or who has extremely impaired judgment, would enter a highway headed in the wrong direction.

Sadly, driving while intoxicated can harm those who had nothing to do with the alcohol, as this case illustrates. One person’s choice to drink and drive can injure or kill himself, as well as others using the public roadways.

So, once again, we call upon motorists to avoid drinking and driving. They should get a friend or even a taxi to take them home after they have consumed alcohol. And we also call upon law enforcement officials to stoutly prosecute the laws that enforce public safety, especially those which proscribe driving while intoxicated.

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