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Who can get death benefits after a workplace accident?

A workplace accident in Texas may prove to be fatal, and this is going to be a difficult time for the family members left behind. Without compensation of any sort, though, these difficulties are made even more drastic because of the cost of a funeral and other such arrangements. On top of that, the family may be dealing with the loss of its primary income.

Death benefits are not intended to replace the person who was lost, but they can help with these financial implications, making the process a bit less stressful. The family members may be able to get back the income—or a portion of it—that they expected to earn, and they may be able to get assistance with costs related to the death. A number of family members may be eligible to get these benefits, including:

– The spouse of the person who passed away- Children who are still minors- Children who are under the age of 25 and going to college- Grandchildren who were dependent on the person who passed away- Other family members, so long as they were also dependent- Parents who are not dependent, in cases were no dependent family members exist to make a claim, or in which those family members are for some reason determined to be ineligible when attempting to make such a claim

If you have lost someone in your family to a workplace accident, no matter how you two were related, be sure that you know if you have a right to compensation; if so, you need to find out what steps to take to receive those payments.

Source: Texas Department of Insurance, “Death and Burial Benefits” Dec. 02, 2014


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