Semi crushes car, killing Texas woman

A woman in Texas died when her car was crushed by an 18-wheeler. Photos from the scene show the small car crumpled and rolled under the front of the semi truck, with both vehicle still sitting on the highway. The police are investigating what caused the wreck, but they have said that it was a chain reaction crash.

The accident happened out on Highway 225, and it was close to Preston Road. It took place on a Monday morning.

As far as the police can tell so far, plastic containers that went flying off of a trailer may have started the whole thing. The trailer was being towed behind a pickup truck. When the containers were lost, the driver pulled to the side of the road in order to get out and get them back. The woman driving the car also slowed as this was developing in front of her.

That is when the semi truck slammed into the back of her vehicle. It appears that the semi driver did not know that she was slowing down, and the truck did not slow to match her speed. With its greater height and the speed difference between the two vehicles, it was enough for the truck to jump up on top of the car, rolling more than halfway over the vehicle.

The woman passed away at the accident site.

When a loved one is killed in a truck accident, it is important for the family members to know what legal rights they have if they would like to seek compensation for their loss, for the medical bills incurred, and for other things of this nature.

Source: KPRC, “Woman killed in wreck on Highway 225 after car crushed by 18-wheeler” Phil Archer, Oct. 27, 2014