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How authorities are trying to limit drunk driving accidents

Texas is known for many things, including its distinction as a state that makes thousands of drunk driving arrests every year. Even though police are doing their part in reducing the number of drunk driving accidents, eliminating the problem altogether is an impossible feat.

According to the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control (NCIPC), deaths and injuries caused by impaired driving can be reduced through the following measures:

— Enforcing .08 percent blood alcohol content laws, zero tolerance laws, and laws regarding legal drinking age

— The use of sobriety checkpoints

— Penalizing those who are caught drinking and driving, such as by suspending their driver’s license

— Requiring mandatory treatment and substance abuse assessment, in some cases, for DUI offenders

These are just some of the many ideas that authorities have implemented throughout the United States in an attempt to reduce the number of drunk driving accidents and related injuries and deaths. The more time and attention that is focused on this problem the better chance there is that it will improve.

All drunk driving accidents are preventable. If everybody would agree to stay sober while behind the wheel, these accidents would never happen again. That said, there are entirely too many people who think they can drink, drive, and get away with it. For this reason, they continue to do so.

Being on the road with a drunk driver is extremely dangerous, as this person is in no condition to make the appropriate decisions. When people are injured by a drunk driver, they may soon begin to research their legal rights.

Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “Impaired Driving: Get the Facts” Nov. 04, 2014


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