Texting Ban Saves 19 Lives Per Year

In order to keep traffic fatalities and driving accidents to a minimum, drivers must be attentive of their surroundings at all times while operating a vehicle. Although concentration on the road is key, the use of handheld devices has become problematic for drivers in the modern era due to the shift of focus on the road to texts, emails, and phone calls that can easily distract drivers. The second drivers become focused on their phones while driving, they are distracted and the safety of motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians becomes jeopardized.

Now, more than ever, states are becoming proactive to ban texting while driving. The University of Alabama Birmingham School of Public Health found in a study published in the August American Journal for Public Health that just having a texting law was linked to a 2.3 percent decline in overall traffic fatalities for all drivers.

Although Texas has not yet enforced a ban on texting while driving, our firm has taken steps to help our roads become a safer place. Abraham Watkins has implemented an initiative that helps teach teen drivers the dangers of texting while driving. This outreach program helps teenagers become aware of the importance of proper concentration while on the road and in turn offers scholarships to high school students who submit Text Free Texas pledges to our firm.

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