Houston drunk driving accident kills 4, injures 1

The fact that drunk driving accidents are common in the state of Texas is not lost on the people who live in the area. Even when you are driving sober and obeying the rules of the road, there is always the chance that another driver could be under the influence and unable to make the appropriate decisions to remain safe.

According to investigators, an alleged drunk driver of a Dodge van ran a red light on Beechnut, subsequently striking a Honda Civic. The accident occurred at approximately 11 p.m., and left four people dead and another one injured but in stable condition.

For a better idea of how serious the accident was, a neighbor said, “I prayed to God for, I told God to tell the man or lady in the car to put the window down and jump or open the lock and get out of the car.”

The driver of the Honda was pronounced dead at the scene. The three people riding in the backseat were also killed. The person riding in the front passenger seat was taken to Memorial Hermann Hospital.

As is often the case in drunk driving accidents, the person who caused the collision was not injured. In this case, the man did exhibit signs of impairment and was arrested for intoxication manslaughter.

A situation like this can be difficult for innocent drivers to avoid, because nobody expects a driver to run a red light. These types of accidents often times lead to a wrongful death lawsuit by the deceased’s family or a personal injury lawsuit by the injured party.

Source: ABC 13, “Man arrested after crash kills 4, injures 1” No author given, Jun. 24, 2014