High School Instagram Page Draws Lawsuit for Defamation

A north Houston family has filed a lawsuit against high school students who created an Instagram page titled “2014 Klein Hoes.” The family’s suit alleges that their sixteen-year-old daughter was defamed when her picture appeared on the Instagram page created and managed by the named defendants. The photo quickly received derogatory and sexuality inappropriate comments that were available for others to see.

The page has already been removed, but the Houston family who filed suit hopes it sends a larger message to the creators, students who viewed the page, and the school.

Seven minors have been named as defendants in the suit and may incur additional legal problems as this case unfolds. The sixteen year old was not the only one targeted. Other students had their photos posted to the website. Such publication could expose the posters to child pornography charges.

Klein ISD is not alone in seeing this issue pop up in their district. Earlier this month, Goose Creek ISD in Baytown notified the Baytown Police of a possible sexting situation. Baytown Police began investigating reports that students were sending and receiving text messages with a link to an Instagram page that contained nude photos of high school girls from the Channelview, LaPorte, and Baytown areas.

Instagram’s usage policy prohibits the posting of graphic images. But parents and authorities continue to discover instances of bullying on social media sites such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat, whether through the sharing of inappropriate images or otherwise. This bullying has had dire consequences, leading some teens to commit suicide.

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