Car accident injures 2 on Sam Houston parkway

There is nothing fun about an auto accident. For those involved, it usually means dealing with insurance companies, having to pay deductibles and shopping around for a company to fix the damage to the vehicle. In the event car accidents result in injuries, there are also medical expenses and other issues to contend with. Two people are currently recovering from injuries sustained in a local accident.

In the early morning hours on Nov. 2, two cars collided on Bissonnet at West Sam Houston Parkway. According to authorities, a Chevy Impala collided with a Dodge Avenger on the feeder road. The extent of the injuries of the two people involved in the accident was not reported. Authorities are attempting to determine how the accident occurred.

Authorities believe that one of the vehicles ran a red light, though it has not been determined which of the two vehicles did so. In cases such as this one, an accident reconstruction unit may be called on to recreate the accident in an attempt to find a cause of the accident. Once this determination has been made, authorities will be in a better position to know who is at fault for the accident.

Determining fault is important for several reasons. It alerts authorities to those who are not obeying traffic laws and can result in citations or more serious charges. It also means that the injured party knows who to pursue for damages. Compensation can be sought for damage to vehicles and personal property, medical expenses, lost wages due to recovery time and other damages incurred due to an accident.

Those who suffer losses due to an accident they did not cause have a legal right to pursue compensation for any losses that were suffered. A legal professional experienced in these types of cases can help anyone facing the aftermath of such an incident./p>

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