Dog Kills Local Woman

The community was saddened to learn of the death of a woman in Liberty County due to an attack by a dog. This case reminds us that, while dogs can be treasured members of our families who provide loyal companionship, when uncontrolled, they can also pose a serious hazard.

The victim was 63-year-old Linda Oliver. In a sad irony, she had tried to help the stray dog. It had come on her property a couple of weeks earlier, and according to Ms. Oliver’s widower, had appeared hungry. So, the family started feeding the large black and white Lab mix. On Monday, the stray attacked the family’s other, smaller dog, and when Ms. Oliver tried to help, it turned on her. She was attacked and bitten repeatedly, but managed to get into her house and call her husband. When law enforcement arrived to rescue Ms. Oliver, the dog was in the front yard and had blood on it. In fact, it attempted to attack a deputy. The deputy shot at the dog, and it escaped. News accounts reported that the woman was found on the floor of the living room of her house, bitten all over her body.

By late Monday, the dog remained running loose. Law enforcement officials warned residents in the neighbor not to approach the animal, and to protect their own pets.

Dogs are beloved parts of many households. But, letting them run loose is both illegal and unsafe. A wild dog can breed with others, aggravating the problem of strays, and can carry diseases. Pet owners must manage their dogs responsibly, and consider having them neutered. One family’s adored pet should not endanger other families in our city.

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