Another Death Caused by Driving While Intoxicated

According to various news accounts, the driver of a vehicle involved in a fatal crash three days ago was arrested and charged with intoxication manslaughter and intoxication assault.

Jorge Moho awakened on Friday, and looked forward to the weekend. He did not know it would be his last day to live. That evening, Moho was a back-seat passenger in a Mercury Grand Marquis being driven by Everardo Perales. Also in the car was Jesus Ortiz.

Shortly before midnight, Perales was heading north on Hardy, next to the toll road, and smashed into a tanker truck heading eastbound on Aldine Bender. The tanker truck erupted into flames, but Jesse Ray Tolliver, its driver, escaped uninjured. Ortiz and Perales were not so fortunate. Both were rushed to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. The result was worse for Moho, who died at the scene. Perales has since been charged with two felony counts.

It is time for citizens to put a stop to this senseless loss of life and these unnecessary injuries. Our community must enforce zero tolerance for the recklessness of drinking and driving. This means that the criminal justice system must deal firmly with Perales, if the evidence demonstrates that Perales was intoxicated. It also means that the civil justice system should award damages for those harmed by this criminal conduct. Unfortunately, it is unlikely that Ortiz and the family of Moho will be fully compensated. Our state only requires $30,000 as minimum limits of liability insurance coverage, far less than the damages caused by this crash. Recognizing this, the Texas Legislature should increase the limits of liability insurance coverage so that victims of collisions can receive proper compensation for their damages, and it should also fortify the criminal laws punishing drunk drivers. In the year 2013, there is simply no excuse for driving while intoxicated.

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