New York Attorneys Settle Birth Injury Lawsuit for $4,320,000 on Behalf of Injured Infant

New York birth injury attorneys reached a settlement agreement in a birth injury lawsuit for an amount of $4,320,000. The claim alleged defendants failed to deliver the injured infant in a timely manner, resulting in serious birth injuries.

The case centered on a child who was born on January 24, 2006 at the Sound Shore Medical Center. The child endured a difficult delivery that involved an umbilical cord prolapse and a nuchal cord. The monitoring of the vital signs of the mother and the infant for several hours revealed an indication of these problems. The mother also complained of a headache so severe that her vision became blurred.

The child was ultimately delivered when contractions in the mother were occurring every 2 – 3 minutes. The lawsuit alleged that (a) the nurse monitoring the vital signs failed to notify the overseeing doctor of those vital signs in a timely manner and that (b) the child was not delivered in a timely manner.

The lawsuit further alleged that the child now suffers from blindness, mild cerebral palsy with symptoms that include unsteadiness in his gait and balance and difficulty with climbing and descending stairs. He is unable to speak words, not potty trained, and suffering from several severe developmental delays that require treatment.

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