Officer Killed in Hit and Run Awarded Medal of Valor

A fallen Houston police officer was honored last week, along with dozens of other officers, in a Houston Police Department award ceremony.

The 38-year-old officer died earlier this year, in May, as the result of a hit and run accident. The officer responded to a call about a hit-and-run accident, parking his patrol car with lights flashing just behind the damaged vehicle. He was interviewing a witness to the accident when another driver – later found to be intoxicated – drove around the parked patrol car. As soon as the officer saw the out-of-control vehicle veer toward him, he yelled at the witness to get out of the way. The witness leapt over the freeway’s concrete barrier as the speeding car struck the 38 year old.

The officer died as a result of the fatal car accident.

According to Houston Police Chief Charles McClelland, the witness credits the officer with saving his life. If not for the warning, he, too, would have been struck by the speeding car.

At his funeral, a fellow officer said, “He’s a totally self-sacrificing hero. There’s no words to describe him better.”

Now, several months after his death, the officer was celebrated posthumously. During the award ceremony last week he was awarded the medal of valor and a life-saving award. Members of his family received the award on his behalf.

Source: Houston Chronicle, “HPD to honor 92, including officer hit at accident scene,” 12/8/11.