Fatal Texas Work-Related Incidents Down in 2010

According to records kept by the Texas Department of Insurance, Division of Workers’ Compensation, work-related fatalities in Texas dropped last year. In 2009, 482 Texas workers died due to incidents in the workplace. In 2010, this number fell by 5 percent to 456 deaths.

Texas accounts for roughly 10 percent of work-related deaths nationwide. In 2010, 4,547 people died in work incidents, according to the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Even though overall work-related deaths in Texas declined last year, the number of fatal transportation accidents increased. In fact, 43 percent of all fatal work accidents in Texas last year were due to transportation incidents, including accidents involving aircraft, highways and pedestrians.

Many of the highway incidents involved tractor trailer accidents or collisions with another vehicle. There was also an increase in accidents involving pedestrians in road construction zones, on highways and in parking lots.

Behind transportation-related work accidents, the second highest cause of work deaths was assault and violent accidents, including workplace homicides and armed robberies in retail establishments.

The third highest cause of work deaths in Texas last year were fatal falls. Falls, including falls from scaffolding and ladders, decreased by 39 percent. Most fatal falls occurred on construction sites.

Since 2003, the lowest number of work accidents in Texas was 440 in 2004, and the highest number was 528 in 2007.

Source: The Insurance Journal, “Work-Related Fatalities Decreased in Texas in 2010,” 10/3/11.