Johnson & Johnson Recall

Just a few weeks after recalling Tylenol 8 Hour Extended Release Caplets 150 count bottles, Johnson & Johnson recently announced yet another product recall. This time round, the company recalled two lots of its epilepsy drug, Topamax.
The recalled lots were shipped between Oct 19, 2010 and Dec 28, 2010 in the US and Puerto Rico. The product recall, which was conducted following complaints regarding an uncharacteristic odor, involved 57,000 bottles of Topamax.
Product recalls remain a frequent occurrence at Johnson & Johnson. Earlier in March, Johnson & Johnson had recalled several lots of Blake Silicone Drains, Blake Silicone Drain Kits, Blake Cardio Connectors, J-VAC Reservoirs and J-VAC Drain Adapters. In February, the company had announced the voluntary recall of certain lots of its schizophrenia product.
Other products that were recalled over the past few quarters include Tylenol, Benadryl, Motrin, Rolaids, Invega Sustenna, Simponi and Sudafed Pe among others.