Jump in fatal accidents last week

As Houston prepares for another cold snap beginning this afternoon, the dangers of icy roadways was made tragically clear in the spike of accidents that occurred during last Friday morning’s slick commute. Three individuals died in car crashes in the Houston area during a short span of time on Friday morning.

The first accident occurred in Cut and Shoot when the driver of a Toyota pickup truck lost control on a sleet and ice covered Texas Highway 105 and crossed into the oncoming lane. The Toyota collided with another pickup truck that coming from the opposite direction. The driver and a passenger in the Toyota were both killed in the accident. The driver of the other truck suffered cuts and bruises but was reported to be in good condition according to the Houston Chronicle.

The second fatal accident occurred in east Houston just ten minutes later. The driver of a Nissan lost control of his vehicle on an icy overpass. He survived the initial crash and stepped out of his vehicle and sat on a guardrail to wait for help. Unfortunately, while he was waiting, a truck lost control on the overpass and collided with another vehicle which caused that vehicle to carom into the victim’s wrecked Nissan. The victim was then pinned between his car and the guardrail. Police report that the driver of the truck which began the chain reaction fled the scene.

With a rapid drop in temperatures and some precipitation expected in Houston this afternoon, we may see more treacherous road conditions. Law enforcement officials recommend that if you are involved in an accident, it is safer to remain in your vehicle to wait for help rather than putting yourself in a more vulnerable position on the roadway.

Source: Houston Chronicle “At least 3 killed in wrecks on slick Houston roads” PEGGY O’HARE, February 5, 2011