Houston Motorcyclist dies after collision with truck

A Houston motorcycle rider, who was thrown from his motorcycle during an accident in the Katy area, was later pronounced dead at Hermann Memorial Hospital-Downtown. The fatal collision occurred when the motorcycle struck a 2007 Dodge pick-up truck that was exiting the freeway. The Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences determined the cause of death to be blunt force injuries.

An article in the Houston Chronicle reports that Katy police responded to the accident. The motorcycle rider was then flown by helicopter to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. No other injuries related to the accident were reported.

According to the police report, the motorcyclist had run a stop sign prior to colliding with the pick-up truck. While there is no indication in the article that the cause of the accident is in dispute in this tragic incident, it can be difficult to properly determine the cause of an accident involving motorcycles unless the investigator has a specialized knowledge of the unique dynamics that can be involved in motorcycle accidents.

The type and severity of injuries to which a motorcycle rider is exposed differs substantially from the injuries that most commonly occur to the drivers and passengers in other vehicles. In addition, the braking, acceleration and other capabilities of motorcycles require that an accident investigation consider a different set of variable than they would for an accident that involved only cars or trucks.

The article reports that a memorial service is planned for today followed by a memorial ride and gathering.

Source: The Houston Chronicle Houston motorcyclist dies of injuries received in Katy-area accident January 27, 2011