Head-On Collision Results in Serious Injuries but Victims are Happy to be Alive during Holidays

On Christmas Eve, a father, his daughter and the daughter’s husband were driving on a two way road when the car coming the opposite direction entered their lane and hit them head-on. The daughter was taken to the hospital by helicopter, suffering from a severe broken left leg. The father and son-in-law each suffered from fractured backs. The family immediately called me to help and I quickly arrived at the hospital. I actually had to visit three hospitals as they were taken to three different hospitals. Their family of course also visited all three hospitals. It was at the last hospital that I realized that their family would be apart during Christmas. A family member put things in perspective–she said that considering all the damage to the vehicles, they were just happy to have their family members alive. After leaving the hospitals and arriving home late, I made sure to tell my family that I am thankful that they are in my life. I wish everyone happy holidays