“Tragedy Around the World Can Sometimes Hit Close to Home”

As many of you already know, on May 31st an Air France flight went missing over the Atlantic Ocean. For several days, no one was even sure where the plane was or even if it had crashed. Unfortunately, last week it was confirmed that the Airbus A330 did go down in the ocean unfortunately killing all 228 people on board. At this time, investigators are sill searching for many parts of the plane, including the “black box.” Unless searchers can locate the plane’s black box flight data and voice recorders, what caused this massive plane to go down may never be completely understood. On board the Air France flight were two U.S. citizens, Mr. & Mrs. Harris. Although neither I nor anyone I work with knew these two individuals, they were at one time residents of Houston and also Lafayette. Our hearts and prayers go out to all the victims of this tragedy, but especially to the family members of the two lost Texans, Mr. & Mrs. Harris.