The Dangers Of Pit Bikes

The original Pit Bikes were simply small motorcycles with a 4-stroke, 50cc motor used by adult-sized motocross riders to navigate the pits (an off-track area designated for setting up prior to an event). Pit bikes have evolved to look more and more like mini versions of the factory built motorcycles.

The recent trend is to modify the bikes to enhance their performance. Some of the features added on to the bike to make it into a “pit” bike include an extended swing arm, a more robust suspension, and a big bored kit which means a bigger engine. There are several entities across the country that perform these modifications, including here in Texas. Initial research indicates that components used to modify/enhance these bikes are manufactured by Chinese manufacturers.

These entities market their products primarily on the internet and sell component parts to consumers over the internet as well. These parts are shipped directly to the consumer, usually with little or no instructions on installation, testing and maintenance. Furthermore some of the base models that are used in the industry are not equipped with basic safety features such as a push/pull throttle. The lack of this safety feature can cause throttle failure during operation and may result in catastrophic injuries such as paraplegia and wrongful death.

The law firm of Abraham, Watkins, Nichols, Agosto, Aziz & Stogner is currently handling litigation relating to catastrophic injuries resulting for product failures in pit bikes.