Surviving the Holiday Season

With two small children who were both very sick these past two weeks, this holiday season has been a very difficult one to navigate. As with any other illness that my children have had to bear, the worst of it is always at night. That means that I do not sleep much and when I do sleep, it is the best quality sleep I can muster with little feet kicking me and little arms around my neck. I am happy to report that even in spite of being sick, the kids enjoyed Christmas and thoroughly enjoyed my being home so much. Between sick days with the kids and office closings, my hours at the office have been less than regular.

This brings me to what I am most thankful for this holiday season, my Mother’s help and my flexible work schedule. Of course I am in no way minimizing my gratitude for my kids, my family, my husband and our health, or my ability to do this job I love. But this is an office blog. With the help of my Mother and my bosses’ appreciation for the caliber of my work rather than face time, I have been able to keep up with work. What is a blessing here at Abraham, Watkins is that we all work to together to ensure that the files move and the client’s interests are protected. I have had a lot of help throughout my time here making sure that work gets done and the kids get to spend more time with me than the nanny.