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Process Safety Management Programs for Texas Refineries

One of the most important elements of a process management system is the process hazard analysis, which is a method to identify and analyze potential hazards associated with the processing and handling of hazardous chemicals. A process hazard analysis provides information to employers who will make decisions about safety and reducing the consequences of accidents regarding those chemicals.

It is important that a refinery uses a process hazard analysis to understand the potential causes and consequences of chemical spills, toxic chemical releases, fires and explosions. When refineries have been negligent by not creating or not appropriately changing the process, it can cause chemicals to be mishandled and accidents to happen. These accidents often lead to serious and catastrophic injuries to employees.

Process Hazard Analysis and Houston Refinery Accidents

The process hazard analysis needs to focus on the equipment, instrumentation, utilities, actions and other factors that may impact the process. Refineries need to ensure that equipment is safe and properly maintained. Instrumentation needs to be correct. Procedures need to be outlined and followed correctly. Process technology, design, alarms, emergency procedures and maintenance procedures also need to be implemented.

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