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Emergency Shutdowns and Other Refinery Operating Procedures

The operating procedures of oil refineries describe:

  • Tasks to be performed
  • Data that should be recorded
  • Operating conditions that will be maintained
  • Samples that will be collected
  • Health and safety precautions to be taken

These procedures not only need to be technically accurate, they also have to be done in a way that is understandable to employees and they need to be reviewed and revised to reflect current operations. These procedures make sure that process safety information is consistent with known hazards in the process.

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When refineries do not follow proper procedures or do not make their procedures available to employees, they put those employees at risk. Hazards and dangerous situations likely will not be taken care of properly when there are no written procedures for how to deal with them.

Control room and operating staff, especially, need to have a full understanding of these operating procedures. All management personnel need to fully understand these procedures and coordinate actions within those procedures. When changes are made, operating procedures must be updated.

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