By Benny Agosto, Jr. & Johnny Garza

Benny Agosto, Jr., a Partner at Abraham, Watkins, Nichols, Agosto, Aziz & Stogner, made a big splash at the Hispanic National Bar Association’s (HNBA) mid-year conference held in Miami, Florida this month when he announced that he is running for the position of 2009 HNBA President-Elect. Mr. Agosto is the former HNBA Regional President (Region 12-including Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Arkansas) and the former Mexican-American Bar Association of Texas (MABATx) President. He is currently the co-founder and co-editor of the HNBA Journal of Law & Policy, the Founder and President of MABATx Foundation, as well as a member of the Houston Bar Association Board of Directors.

At the HNBA Conference in Miami, Mr. Agosto presented a report to the Board of Governors detailing the topics and discussions to be included in the HNBA Journal of Law & Policy’s upcoming second issue this fall. (Vol. 2) Johnny Garza, an associate at Abraham, Watkins, Nichols, Agosto, Aziz & Stogner and HNBA member, attended the meeting and commented on Mr. Agosto’s presentation to the Board of Governors. “It was great to see the reception Benny received from the Board of Governors. The enthusiasm in the room as well as the support for him was evident by the resounding applause the group gave Benny when he concluded his speech.”

If elected, Mr. Agosto plans to continue the great success the HNBA has had working with local bars in each Region, as well as nationally, promoting and supporting the association’s mission to act as the voice of Hispanic attorneys throughout the country. In addition, Mr. Agosto is committed to creating and implementing new policies and programs that will assist the Hispanic community overall.

Mr. Agosto plans on introducing new programs that will create more opportunities to help our community. Some of his key points include:

  1. Education for our children, “Law as a Career” Program
  2. Increase Pro Bono services and develop Pro Bono awards
  3. Preserve the Jury System, “Let’s do Justice for America.”

Lastly, Mr. Agosto would like to see the 2011 HNBA Convention come to Texas. Does the phrase, “Everything is bigger in Texas,” sound like an opportunity to have a ” big ” party in Texas in 2011?