Walmart Sued Over Defective Tricycle Assembly

Walmart was recently sued by a woman who was seriously injured when the brakes on an adult-sized tricycle failed to operate and stop the tricycle. An adult-sized tricycle is the size of a normal adult bicycle, but with two large wheels in the back.

According to the lawsuit, the woman purchased the adult tricycle at Walmart. While at the store, the woman asked a Walmart employee to assemble the tricycle, since Walmart offered “free in-store bike assembly.” A few months later, the woman took the tricycle out for a ride, and was headed down a hill. As the woman approached an intersection, she applied the brakes, but soon realized that the brakes were not stopping the tricycle. To avoid speeding through the intersection, the woman turned quickly, which caused her to crash and fly over the handlebars and hit the pavement face-first. As a result, the woman suffered a brain injury, broken nose, fractured tooth, and other injuries.

In her lawsuit, the woman alleges that Walmart’s employees were not properly trained on how to assemble the tricycle and its brakes or, if they were, that they failed to assemble her tricycle correctly, which resulted in her serious injuries.

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