The Potential Dangers Of Living Near A Chemical Plant


“Plant explosion” may feel like a familiar news headline to Texans. But why? It’s not the case in other areas of the country. Why do explosions seem so prevalent here?

A straightforward reason for the unusual number of explosions in Texas is the type of industries that drive its economy. Texas is the nation’s leader when it comes to petroleum refining and chemical product production. Refineries and production plants handle volatile chemicals. Without proper monitoring and safety measures, dangerous explosions can result.

Unfortunately, explosions endanger everyone in the vicinity, from the individuals who work at these facilities to the people in the surrounding neighborhoods. Volatile explosions can cause direct injury to people and property or even contaminate drinking water.

Chemical plant explosion injures five neighboring residents

In November of 2019, a series of powerful explosions at TPC Group chemical plant in Port Neches, Texas, necessitated the evacuation of more than 50,000 people the day before Thanksgiving. The fire at the plant burned for several days as explosions continued, meaning that families were unable to return to their homes for the holiday.

This particular plant manufactures butadiene and other chemicals used in synthetic rubber, fuels and more products.

The large explosions at the plant shattered windows and blew out the doors of residential homes and businesses for miles surrounding the plant, causing at least five injuries to residents of neighboring homes.

Details are still emerging as to the cause of this regrettable explosion. However, victims of personal injury are less concerned with cause than with outcome.

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