Texas Now Has the Highest Rate of Workplace Fatalities in the United States, as Deaths on the Job Continue to Occur at a Disturbingly High Rate

In Texas, a worker dies at his or her workplace every day. In 2017, a worker in Texas died on the job on average every sixteen hours. These workers died as a result of electrocution, asphyxiation, falls, exposure to toxins, equipment malfunctions, heatstroke, and automobile collisions. Further, in that same year, the workplace death toll was greater than the number of murders in Houston, Dallas, Ft. Worth, and Austin combined, making 2017 the most dangerous year for workers in Texas in two decades.

Every year since 2009, Texas has had more deaths on the job than any other state, including the highest rate per capita of the nation’s top ten most populous states. The Houston metro area now has more workplace deaths than more populous cities such as Los Angeles and Chicago.

It is apparent that most of these workplace deaths occur on construction sites, but what makes Texas construction sites so dangerous? Marianela Arreaza of the Fe y Justicia Worker Center speculates that the high death rate can be attributed to failures of certain Texas policies. For example, in Texas, employers are not required to provide regular rest breaks for construction workers, not even in the oppressive summer heat. Further, Texas does not require workers’ compensation insurance for private employers. Lastly, some posit that low union participation in Texas has led to a more dangerous work environment for construction workers. Regardless of the “why,” the rate at which construction works are dying on the job is alarmingly high, and families of those who have died as a result of negligence, gross negligence, and/or a product defect are entitled to just compensation.

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