Truck Accidents in Texas

Houston Truck Underride and Conspicuity Regulations

An “underride accident” is when a car goes partially or wholly underneath a truck or trailer in an accident. These types of accidents greatly increase the chance of serious injury or death for those in passenger vehicles. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, up to half of all truck-car accidents involve underride, despite calls for years to improve underride guards for large trucks and trailers on the front, side and rear.

Unfortunately, despite improved technology, the trucking industry has resisted using this technology to save lives and accident victims have suffered as a result.

At the law office of Abraham, Watkins, Nichols, Agosto, Aziz & Stogner, we help victims of truck accidents and their families get the financial compensation they need to move forward with life after a crash. Our Texas trucking accident injuries attorneys understand the challenges you face. We work hard to ensure you have the financial resources to maximize your physical recovery and your independence.

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Understanding Conspicuity: How Well Can The Truck Be Seen?

Conspicuity, in the context of semi trucks, refers to how well reflective paint, tape and other markers can be seen under existing conditions. Trucks use these techniques to make them more visible to other drivers. Federal regulations govern the use of these reflective agents on trucks, but unfortunately, not every truck complies with these regulations.

In underride accidents and accidents caused by a lack of conspicuity, our firm can provide the experienced representation our clients deserve. Whether you or a loved one suffered a crippling back injury, brain injury or other catastrophic injury after being involved in a truck accident, we will fight for your right to compensation.

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