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Texas Personal Injury Attorneys Handling Fraternity Hazing Cases Nationwide

Recent news segments feature far too many stories of young lives senselessly extinguished or irreparably damaged. Fraternity hazing practices at colleges and universities have become more public over the past few years, with tragic losses stemming from alcohol abuse or physical abuse occurring across the country.

At the law firm of Abraham, Watkins, Nichols, Agosto, Aziz & Stogner, in Houston, Texas, our attorneys believe strongly in the importance of preventing these senseless deaths or seeking redress when one of these terrible acts occurs. If someone you love has been injured or died as the result of fraternity hazing, contact us today to discuss your potential legal claims. Call 713-396-3964 (toll free 800-594-4884) or e-mail our office.

In Memory of Jack Phoummarath

We recently represented the family of Jack Phoummarath, a young man at the University of Texas who died as a result of a fraternity hazing incident. Our experienced attorneys were able to obtain a substantial monetary settlement for Jack’s family, which they have used to promote awareness about the dangers of binge drinking and hazing. Additionally, Jack’s fraternity brothers participated in a family- and law firm-sponsored educational anti-hazing video as part of the settlement agreement, designed to help educate students and administrators and to reduce such incidents in the future.

As a result of the settlement we obtained in this fraternity hazing lawsuit, we were also able to donate $160,000 to the Texas State Bar Client Security Fund, established to compensate victims of dishonest lawyers.

Nothing can bring back Jack, but we hope that these efforts will help to prevent other families from experiencing such grief.

Contact an Experienced Hazing Injury Lawyer

If someone you love has been injured as a result of fraternity hazing, contact us online or call 713-396-3964 (toll free 800-594-4884) today to schedule a free case evaluation.

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