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Extracting shale oil from the ground has its own dangers for oil workers and residents in the surrounding area. The process used to get the oil out of the ground is known as hydro fracking. It involves injecting specialized fluids into the ground under high pressure to fracture the shale rock to release the natural gas and oil inside.

Risks of Shale Oil Production

The fluid itself is highly toxic, with numerous chemicals known to be carcinogenic. When it leaks, it can contaminate groundwater, worsen air pollution, expose workers to toxins, cause blowouts and weaken rock formations to the point where earthquakes are possible. The dangers to workers and area residents are significant.

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Where Are the Main Shale Oil Production Facilities?

Texas is where the first shale oil production occurred in the mid-2000s. The Eagle Ford shale formation was first opened to oil and gas production in 2008. By 2013, 2.69 billion cubic feet of gas and 599,000 barrels of oil and condensate were produced each day from this shale formation.

The second major formation in Texas is the Barnett shale formation. Located in the Fort Worth basin, the Barnett shale rock is much harder than in the Eagle Ford formation, and hydro fracking is really the only way gas and petroleum products can be extracted.

Increased Truck Accidents an Unintended Consequence of Shale Oil

Another issue related to extracting oil and gas from shale rock formations is that much of the output is transported by truck. The result has been a significant increase in serious truck accidents on the roads leading to and from the Eagle Ford and Barnett shale oil production facilities.

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