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Tesla Model 3 Using Autopilot Causes Accident

Photo of Karl Long

A crashed into two vehicles in the early morning hours of Saturday, December 7, 2019. The accident occurred on I-95 in Norwalk, Connecticut and involved a Connecticut State Police cruiser that was stopped to assist a disabled motorist. The lights of the police cruiser were activated and flares were placed in the roadway, but the driver of the Tesla Model 3 did not see them because the vehicle was set to autopilot while the driver checked on his dog in the backseat.

Jury Awards $21.5 Million to Motorcyclist

Photo of Ciro Samperi

A California jury awarded a man injured in a motorcycle accident approximately $21 million. The collision, caught on film, left the motorcyclist with several fractures throughout his body and a lengthy hospital stay.

19 Straight Years Of Daily Road Deaths In Texas

6,939 days. 6,939 deaths.


Thursday, November 7, 2019 marked 19 years of daily deaths on Texas roadways. In other words, there have been no deathless days on Texas roads for over 19 years.

This is not a surprising statistic, but it is a sobering one. Every Texan should be concerned with the fact that fatalities on the roadways are now a normal part of daily life. This is unacceptable. 

EPA Repeals Safety Regulations Concerning Chemical Companies

Photo of Muhammad Aziz

In April 2013, an explosion at an ammonium nitrate storage facility rocked the small town of West, Texas, and killed over a dozen people, including first responders.

More Vehicles Using Takata Airbags Are Recalled

Photo of Randy Sorrels

In addition to the tens of millions of vehicles with Takata airbags already under recall, a separate group of 1,400,000 vehicles were recalled on December 4, 2019 because of defective Takata airbags. Takata is recalling vehicles containing certain Non-Azide Driver airbag inflators that were used in some brands of 1995-2000 vehicles. These inflators may absorb moisture, causing the inflators to rupture or the airbag cushion to underinflate due to a manufacturing issue.

Over 1,000 Patients Possibly Exposed to HIV After Hospital Sanitation Mistake

Photo of Jonathan Sneed

1,182 patients at an Indiana hospital may have been exposed to HIV, hepatitis B, and hepatitis C allegedly due to sanitation errors committed by the surgical technicians. Between April and September of this year, at least one of the surgical technicians at Goshen Hospital missed a sterilization step while sanitizing surgical equipment. While the surgical equipment did go through other sanitization and sterilization procedures, the step missed by at least one of the surgical technicians shows that not every surgical instrument was properly fit for use on patients. Because of this, Goshen Hospital representatives are now offering free testing to the potential patients who could have been exposed to these unsanitized surgical instruments and potential infectious diseases.

DWI Suspect Involved in Double Fatal Crash on I-45

Photo of Kelly Viktorin

On Saturday morning, two pedestrians were killed by a driver who reportedly failed to stay in a single lane traveling southbound on I-45.

Parents Speak Out As Justice For Hazing Death Is Denied


Every year since 1959, at least one student has died from hazing in the United States-usually these students are victims of rituals taken too far at fraternities. According to an unofficial database kept by a Franklin professor cited in a Dallas News article, six of these deaths have occurred at the University of Texas - Austin in the last thirty years. Outraged by the University of Texas' slow and unjust response to their son's death, the parents of twenty-year-old Nicky Cumberland, who died after a car accident leaving a hazing ritual in 2018, are taking a stand.

Nicky was leaving a Texas Cowboys retreat when he got into a car accident that left him in a coma. He died about a month later from his injuries. At this retreat, he was paddled and plied with alcohol by members of the fraternity. The retreat also encompassed animal cruelty, and the organization has a storied history of hazing and branding members. The hazing lasted until the middle of the night, at which point pledges drove two hours home. Tragically, Nicky didn't make it. 

Infants Died After Being Fed Infected Breast Milk

Photo of Imrana Manzanares

Abel Cepeda, then 5-days-old, was the eighth baby since the summer to get sick after being exposed to bacteria in Geisinger Medical Center's NICU. Two infants had died prior to Abel's birth. Geisinger has announced that the hospital's equipment contaminated donor breast milk, which exposed premature infants to pseudomonas, a bacterium. The day Abel died, the hospital changed its equipment to single-use materials. Abel's parents have filed suit.

Explosion Rocks Port Neches Refinery

Photo of Benny Agosto

At approximately 1:00 AM this morning, November 27, 2019 an explosion rocked the TPC Group chemical plant in Port Neches, Texas. Port Neches is approximately 90 miles east of Houston and south of Beaumont, Texas in Jefferson County. The explosion was heard for miles according to reports. Local residents report being woken to a thunderous noise and some even reported their houses shaking.

At 6:40 AM, the TPC Group released their second public update regarding the incident. The update discloses that workers were injured, and air monitoring is being conducted around the plant. Emergency services are still attempting to gain control of the situation. Unfortunately, it has now been confirmed that at least three workers were hospitalized in the incident.

The cause of the fire and explosion has either not been disclosed or is unknown at this time. Currently, reports are stating that the chemical burning is Butadiene. Butadiene is a colorless gas which can affect the central nervous system. Acute exposure may include symptoms such as headaches, nausea, and even fainting.

If you or someone you know has been injured in the TPC Group chemical plant explosion in Port Neches, contact an attorney at Abraham, Watkins, Nichols, Sorrels, Agosto, Aziz & Stogner by calling 713-396-3964 or toll free at 1‑800-594-4884.

  • $50+ Million Personal Injury Fire and Explosion

    The firm successfully represented nearly 100 victims who suffered personal injuries and damages to property from a large fire and explosion resulting in a settlement of more than $50 million. The firm served as lead lawyers on the steering committee in this litigation.

  • $80 Million Personal Injury Large Plant Explosion

    The firm successfully represented 270 plaintiffs, taking a lead role in the plaintiffs’ steering committee, who suffered injuries in a large plant explosion resulting in a settlement of nearly $80 million.

  • $50+ Million Personal Injury Plant Fire and Explosion

    The firm successfully represented 45 personal injury victims in a plant fire and explosion, serving on the plaintiffs steering committee, concluding with a settlement of more than $50 million.

  • $22+ Million Personal Injury Work Site Accident

    The firm prevailed in a personal injury trial for a worksite injury client with the jury returning a verdict and resulting in a judgment of over $22 million for the firm’s client.

  • $12 Million Auto Accident 18-Wheeler Collision

    The firm successfully achieved a $12 million settlement for the family of a man who died in an 18 wheeler collision.

  • $30 Million Personal Injury Burn Victims

    The firm prevailed on behalf of three burn victims with settlements totaling nearly $30 million.

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