Licensing Fraud Among Commercial Truck Drivers in Texas

Truck drivers are required to complete classes and training before they get behind the wheel of semi trucks and 18-wheelers. These vehicles — which can weigh up to 80,000 pounds — cause significant damage when not operated properly. Unqualified drivers put everyone on the road in danger and it can be a fatal combination when an unskilled driver operates a semi truck or other large vehicle.

Unfortunately, some truckers obtain fraudulent commercial licenses and operate semi trucks without the necessary training.

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Examples Of Licensing Fraud

Licensing fraud can happen when an individual purchases a fake commercial license or when falsified trucking exams allow drivers to pass. Some safety experts estimate that there may be thousands of truck drivers in the United States with commercial licenses that are either fake or were acquired fraudulently.

When a truck driver lacks the required skills and training, he or she will likely not know how to properly react to a road hazard or how to operate the truck safely, which could cause a trucking accident with catastrophic results.

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