Car Accidents Caused By Auto Defects

You drove at a reasonable speed, you wore your seat belt and you obeyed all the rules of the road. But because a part of your vehicle was defective, you suffered serious injuries or lost a loved one due to an accident. Those responsible for the defect that led to this tragedy need to be held accountable. It is crucial to speak to an experienced personal injury lawyer about your options.

At Abraham, Watkins, Nichols, Agosto, Aziz & Stogner in Houston, Texas, we have been pursuing justice for victims of personal injury and wrongful death since 1951. With 70 years of experience, we are capable of representing you. We are committed to justice and will pursue all legal options you have for securing the monetary compensation you need.

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Auto Defects Are Like Ticking Time Bombs

A vehicle with a defect is like a ticking time bomb. It is going to cause a problem eventually, but the driver will likely have no warning. Auto defects can lead to catastrophic injuries and wrongful death. We handle a wide variety of product liability claims for auto defect claims involving:

  • Defective tires
  • Seat belt problems
  • Air bag defects
  • Faulty brakes
  • Suspension problems
  • Steering issues
  • Transmission defects
  • Roof defects
  • Improper design of gas tanks
  • Inadequate maintenance of fuel lines

A major problem in many auto accidents is that roofs are not capable of supporting a vehicle’s weight in a rollover. For more information on this issue, visit our SUV Rollover page.

  • Takata Ammonium Nitrate Air Bags
    • In the last few years, millions of vehicles have been recalled due to air bag defects. The most widespread problem has to do with airbags manufactured by Takata Corp. These air bags are installed in Honda, Toyota, Mazda, BMW, and many other brands of cars.Takata Corporation is the only manufacturer of air bags to use ammonium nitrate as an accelerant to inflate air bags during a collision.The use of ammonium nitrate in the air bag assembly causes this product to be unreasonably dangerous because the ammonium nitrate can detonate during the deployment process. As a result of the detonation, the inflator which is a metal component, will disintegrate/fragment and propel pieces of metal into the occupant compartment at a very high velocity causing in many cases, deaths or serious personal injuries.If you have been injured by a defective Takata air bag – or if you have lost a loved one – we urge you to get in touch with an attorney from our firm. We can help you seek maximum compensation for your injuries and losses, and hold negligent manufacturers responsible for the damage that has been done.
  • Brake Failure
    • Brake failure in a car or truck can be a frightening situation. It can cause drivers to lose control of their vehicles and end up in accidents that result in catastrophic injuries.Brake failure can be caused by defective brakes and parts, poor mechanical service or other problems with the vehicle that can be attributed to negligence.It takes a lot for brakes to effectively stop heavy cars and trucks, and many things can cause brake failure. They include:
      • A manufacturer’s failure to install a brake shift interlock
      • Poor manufacturing of brake rotors, drums or pads
      • A defective parking brake system
      • Unattached hydraulic lines in the braking system
      • Defective anti-lock brakes

      Our firm will thoroughly review your case to determine where negligence could have occurred on the part of the vehicle manufacturer, the brake manufacturer, the mechanics’ shop or another party responsible for the brake failure.

  • Tire Defects
    • When we see pieces of tire strewn across the highway, we tend to think it was excessive wear, but it may also be a sign of a defective tire that blew unexpectedly, endangering the driver and passengers in the vehicle and others on the road.We work to ensure that our clients receive full and fair compensation. We also represent the families of people who lost their lives in highway crashes caused by tire defects from such major tire manufacturers as:
      • Firestone
      • Bridgestone
      • BF Goodrich
      • Continental
      • Cooper
      • Nitto
      • Falken
      • Kelly Springfield
      • Dunlop Tire
      • Goodyear
      • Kumho Tire
      • Yokohama
      • Michelin

      Most highway tire blowouts and tread separations occur on hot days with fast-moving vehicles. The loud bang of a tire blowout is shocking and scary. It causes most drivers to respond by slamming on the brakes and attempting to steer off the road while still traveling at high speed. Turning too fast (rather than continuing to drive in a straight line) is what causes the car to swerve uncontrollably or the SUV to roll over.

      A tire defect is like playing Russian roulette with a fully loaded gun. At some point, the tire will blow or the tread will separate. It does not matter if drivers are driving safely and following the speed limit. It is beyond their control.

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