Suit Filed After E-Cigarette Battery Exploded, Severely Burning Leg Of U.S. Navy Veteran

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Houston attorney Randy Sorrels is representing Matthew Bonestele, a United States Navy veteran, who was severely burned after his e-cigarette battery unexpectedly exploded in his pant pocket. The product liability lawsuit was filed in Travis County against retailer Great Vapes, LLC., distributor Lightfire Group, LLC., and manufacturer LG Chem America, Inc., in July of 2016. As more and more people have made the switch to electronic cigarettes as an alternative to smoking, battery explosions and injuries have been on the rise.

On April 21, 2016, Matthew Bonestele was carrying an LG Chem HG2 18650 battery in his right pant pocket, when it suddenly exploded, resulting in severe third degree burns to most of his right leg and a hole in his upper right thigh. Pictures of the injuries are attached. Mr. Bonestele purchased the battery at Great Vapes, who had purchased the battery from Lightfire Group, LLC.

ecigarette explosion


The lawsuit alleges that the LG Chem battery was defectively designed and manufactured, which rendered the battery unreasonably dangerous to potential users, operators, or consumers, including Mr. Bonestele. The suit also alleges that the battery lacked warnings to alert users of potential danger.

“Mr. Bonestele suffered an injury that he could never have imagined in civilian life. The reality is that these batteries are small sticks of dynamite and the e-cigarette industry needs to make whole sale changes to insure the safety of all those who use these batteries,” said Mr. Sorrels. “Further, the danger is not just limited to the user, but also to everyone that is near the user – including those in the same house who could be injured or killed by a resulting fire.”

Randy Sorrels is a Partner at the Houston personal injury law firm of Abraham, Watkins, Nichols, Agosto, Aziz & Stogner. For questions regarding the lawsuit, contact Mr. Sorrels at 713-396-3964 or [email protected].

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