Houston Dynamo Player Completely Cleared In 2012 Night Club Incident

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(Houston, TX) Houston Dynamo Goalkeeper Tyler Deric has been cleared of all charges in the February 4, 2012 incident at Roosevelt Lounge. Also, in a counter claim brought by Mr. Deric against the night club, the Roosevelt Lounge settled with Mr. Deric, paying him an undisclosed amount of money and issuing a letter of apology to him. On March 10, 2014, in open court, the police officer suing Tyler Deric dismissed the last remaining civil charges brought against Mr. Deric. Houston Police Officer Ramon Perez had sued Mr. Deric for injuries to his arms and knees following an altercation at the Houston night club.

Mr. Deric invited friends and teammates to join him back in 2012 for a pre-season gathering at the Roosevelt. When the group approached the doorman at the club, they were denied entry because the group had “too many black guys.”

Deric, who is white, and his companions were outraged by the racial prejudice exhibited by the doorman and verbally confronted the Roosevelt employee at the door. Officer Perez responded by pulling out his asp baton and physically confronting the group.

After a small skirmish, the Deric group started to leave the premises. Perez and his colleague followed Tyler Deric off the property, and there the other off-duty officer pulled out a taser gun and tased the Dynamo player.

One of Deric’s teammates, Warren Creavalle, pulled out his cell phone to video the incident just after the taser was deployed, and Creavalle was immediately arrested for “interference.” Those charges were quickly dropped. That night, Officer Perez criminally charged Deric with felony assault of a public servant, and the Harris County Grand Jury later no-billed those charges.

Officer Perez then filed a civil law suit against Deric claiming he suffered injuries at the hands of Tyler Deric. Deric, in turn, sued the Roosevelt Lounge as a defendant for starting the whole event. The Roosevelt paid Mr. Deric an undisclosed amount of money to settle his claim for the injuries from the taser event. Additionally, the owner of the Roosevelt Lounge issued a letter of apology to Deric for what both Deric and his family were put through.

On Monday, March 10, 2014, the officer’s injury case was set to go to trial. While in the courtroom waiting for a jury to be selected, Perez dismissed his case against Deric — bringing to an end all of the issues surrounding the February 4, 2012 incident. Said Deric’s attorney Randy Sorrels after the dismissal, “I am grateful that Tyler’s good name and reputation in our community remain intact. As the truth has come out, it is clear that Tyler Deric was the real victim in this case. The fact that he stood up against the racial prejudice exhibited against his teammates at the Roosevelt and never backed down from the truth is a testament to his character and resolve.” Sorrels went on to note, “The Houston Dynamo and the entire city of Houston should be proud of this homegrown athlete’s courage to fight against racial prejudice in our court system to the end.”

For more information, contact attorney Randy Sorrels at 713-396-3964. Randy Sorrels is a Partner at the Houston law firm of Abraham, Watkins, Nichols, Agosto, Aziz & Stogner. To learn more about Mr. Sorrels or the firm, please visit  www.abrahamwatkins.com.

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