(Houston, TX) Abraham, Watkins, Nichols, Agosto, Aziz & Stogner Partner Mo Aziz, associate attorney Karl P. Long, and attorney Jacob Paschal of Haney Paschal & Romoser, P.C have filed a lawsuit in Harris County, Texas alleging negligence, gross negligence, and wrongful  death claims against LyondellBasell Acetyls, LLC, Lyondell Chemical Company and Equistar  Chemicals, LP on behalf of Steven Kuhleman, the father of Shawn Andrew Kuhleman who was  killed in a chemical gas leak while working at the LyondellBasell Complex in La Porte, Texas on  July 27, 2021.  

On the date of the chemical gas leak, LyondellBasell became aware of a leak in the Acetyls  Unit and called a company that specializes in sealing and repairing industrial leaks. After the  company recommended that LyondellBasell have the leak repaired, Lyondell chose not to have  the company repair the leak at that time and instead called other contractors. Later, that same 

evening, Mr. Kuhleman was working in and near the Acetyls Unit when suddenly and without  warning, over 100,000 pounds of a mixture of various harmful chemicals including catalyst, acetic  acid, methyl iodide, and hydrogen iodide was released into the LyondellBasell La Porte Complex. 

As a result, Mr. Kuhleman was exposed to the harmful toxic chemicals which burned his  body internally and externally. Mr. Kuhleman was overcome by the toxic chemicals and sadly died  at the LyondellBasell La Porte Complex as a result of the massive and harmful chemical leak.  Abraham Watkins also represents the family of the other worker killed in this incident, Dustin  Day. Over forty other workers required medical care or hospitalization and Abraham Watkins  represents a number of these injured plaintiffs as well. (See Cause No. 2021-47291: Seth Wheeler,  Morgan Williams, As Representative of the Estate of Dustin Don Day, Jennifer Day and Kelly  Baber v. LyondellBasell Acetyls, LLC, et al; In the 333rd District Court, Harris County, Texas). (See Cause No. 2021-46049: Hinojosa v. LyondellBasell Acetyls, LLC, et al; In the 281st District  Court, Harris County, Texas). 

In his Original Petition, Mr. Kuhleman is seeking aggregate monetary relief over  $1,000,000.00 for negligence, gross negligence, and wrongful death. “Shawn was only 32 years  old. He was a wonderful father, husband, son, brother, friend, and co-worker, and he was dearly  beloved by all who knew him. Shawn’s family is devastated, misses him terribly, and is in search  of answers and accountability for his senseless and horrific death “said Jacob Paschal, one of the attorneys for Mr. Kuhleman.

The surviving family of Mr. Kuhleman, which includes his parents, his widow Jessie and  2 young children are still mourning his loss. Mr. Kuhleman was laid to rest on August 3, 2021, in  Arlington, Texas. “LyondellBasell once again is involved in an incident that resulted in numerous injuries to its workers. This pattern of unsafe, hazardous practices which could have been avoided needs to be stopped. The lives of workers are put at risk by management and events like these are  preventable. As a result of safety being ignored, we are filing suit.” said attorney Karl Long.

For questions regarding the lawsuit or interview requests, please contact Geoffrey  Adkinson at [email protected] or 713-222-7211, or Karl P. Long at [email protected].