Houston, Texas (July 14, 2022) — Abraham, Watkins, Nichols, Agosto, Aziz & Stogner partner Brant J.
Stogner, attorneys Jennifer O. Stogner, and Soroush Montazari filed a wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of
Gavino Trejo, Teodora Robles, and the representatives of the Estate of deceased Katy Trejo. The lawsuit
has named the Toulouse Bar, Moose Bar (operating as Mooseknuckle Pub), and Robert Henry Ramos as
defendants in the lawsuit.

On June 11th Katy Trejo was involved in a DWI accident where she was the passenger on the motorcycle
operated by Robert Henry Ramos while traveling southbound on I-35 Highway in Austin, Tx. Mr. Ramos
was operating his motorcycle while intoxicated and attempted to take evasive action to avoid a collision
with a semi-trailer truck by jumping from the motorcycle, thus losing control of the motorcycle.
As a result, Katy Trejo fell onto the road, where another vehicle violently struck her. Because of these
events and injuries, Katy Trejo sustained fatal injuries and later passed away.

The responding police officers charged Mr. Ramos with driving while intoxicated and unlawfully carrying
a weapon. Investigation officers noted that Mr. Ramos’sfaulty evasive action and driving while intoxicated
as the contributing factors to the collision.

During the evening of June 10th through the early hours of June 11th, Mr. Ramos consumed alcohol at
Toulouse Bar and Mooseknuckle Pub in Austin, Texas, before the crash and was over-served as the term
is defined by the Dram Shop Act. As a result, Mr. Ramos presented a clear danger to himself and others.
A Harris County District Court Judge granted Plaintiff’s request for Temporary Restraining Orders against
Toulouse Bar and Mooseknuckle Pub. The restraining order is to preserve and maintain all evidence
related to the crash and night in question at both bar establishments, which in practice, includes all
photographs, videotapes, audiotapes, recordings, correspondence, memoranda, files, facsimiles, email,
and receipts related to the unfortunate and preventable crashes.

The lawsuit alleges negligence and gross negligence against the driver and establishments. The plaintiffs
also allege Dram Shop violation against Toulouse Bar and Mooseknuckle Pub for overserving alcohol to
Mr. Ramos before the crash. Toulouse Bar and Mooseknuckle Pub had a duty to maintain the premises in
a safe condition and to refrain from causing injuries to parties through any gross negligence. The Parents
of Katy Trejo and her Estate are seeking damages over $1,000,000.00

“This young woman, and single mother, lost her life because the bars here overserved the driver way past
the level of intoxication. Now, our client’s lives, and the lives of their family members are forever ruined.”
said attorney Brant J. Stogner