(Houston, TX) Houston attorneys Benny Agosto, Jr. and Lena Laurenzo of Abraham, Watkins, Nichols, Agosto, Aziz & Stogner have filed a wrongful death lawsuit in Harris County, Texas against Sebastian Matta on behalf of the family of a 5-year-old minor child who lost his life as a result of a drunk driving crash on Sunday, April 11, 2021. Mr. Agosto and Ms. Laurenzo represent the parents of the child, Luis Posadas and Anggy Flores. 

On Sunday, April 11, 2021, Sebastian Matta was driving a BMW 545i northbound on the feeder road of the Southwest Freeway approaching Fountain View. Sebastian Matta is suspected to have been intoxicated while operating the BMW and investigation is ongoing whether he was overserved by a bar or restaurant before he began driving on this evening. At the same time, Luis Posadas was driving southbound on Fountain View approaching the intersection of Fountain View and the northbound feeder road of the Southwest Freeway. He was driving a Nissan sedan with his five-year-old son restrained in the back seat in a child safety seat. They were on their way home from a birthday party for a 2-year-old. 

The light for Fountain View traffic turned green, and Plaintiff Luis Posadas entered the intersection. Sebastian Matta ran through the stop light and violently t-boned Mr. Posadas’s red Nissan vehicle. The Nissan flipped two times before coming to a stop on its roof.

While Mr. Posadas and bystanders tended to his severely injured son, Sebastian Matta never attempted render aid or called 911. On the contrary, Sebastian Matta attempted to flee the scene to avoid being held responsible for this crash. Bystanders and witnesses were able to detain Sebastian Matta until the police arrived and placed him under arrest. He was witnessed showing signs of intoxication at the scene by those good Samaritans who restrained him as well as the investigating officers.

Mr. Posadas and his son were transported by ambulance to the hospital. The 5-year-old boy sustained fatal injuries from this crash and was pronounced dead at the hospital. He will be sorely missed by his parents who are now deprived the opportunity to watch their son grow up.

Houstonians know that the city is not immune from intoxicated drivers, and in fact it is a growing problem. What is also a problem are the bars and restaurants that overserve patrons and do not follow the law in providing responsible and safe service and sale of alcohol. Sebastian Matta has been arrested for intoxicated manslaughter, though he may not be the only person responsible for the death of this young boy. Mr. Agosto and Ms. Laurenzo are investigating the reasons why Sebastian Matta was on the road intoxicated.

On Thursday, April 15, 2021, an Original Petition was filed on behalf of Luis Posadas and Anggy Flores, parents of the deceased young boy, against Sebastian Matta seeking damages for the death of their son, as well as for the injuries sustained by Mr. Posadas as an injured victim as well as a bystander who witnessed his son’s untimely and horrific death.For questions regarding the lawsuit or interview requests, please contact Madison Kauffman at [email protected] or 713-222-7211 or Benny Agosto, Jr. at [email protected].