Tortious Interference With a Contract

Tortious interference with the contract of another occurs when a business enters into an agreement with another business and a third party seeks to intervene or interfere with the contract.

If you believe that your contract was or may be obstructed by the actions of another, you need the representation of an attorney who can enforce your rights under the law. If you have a potential contract that is being interfered with, you also may have rights that can be asserted and protected.

Do not let a third party interfere with your contract rights. Our firm will take action to protect your agreement and pursue damages against any interfering party. To learn how our business litigation attorneys can help with your concerns, call (713) 222-7211 (toll free 713-222-7211) or contact us online for a free consultation.

Handling Contract Rights and Other Business Activities

At Abraham, Watkins, Nichols, Agosto, Aziz & Stogner, we are experienced in handling tortious interference claims and seek to ensure that our clients receive the performance obligations to which they are entitled. Whether you are seeking specific performance under a contractual agreement or you wish to collect damages, we can provide you with the legal services that will get results.

In many business relationships, two parties may be competing for the same contract rights. If you believe that your contract rights have been infringed upon because of improper competition, you can pursue an action against a wrongfully interfering party. Our firm routinely represents clients who need help with:

  • Tortious interference
  • False claims and accusations or attacks on business reputation
  • Breach of contract
  • Enforcement of contract rights
  • Improper competition

In matters involving tortious interference with a contract or prospective business relationship, our attorneys can help you seek a temporary restraining order or monetary damages. Even if you have not yet entered into a contract, you may be able to pursue damages for the interference with your contracting relationship.

Get Help From Experienced Texas Business Lawyers

Through our decades of experience, we have handled many situations involving tortious interference claims. You may feel that your business rights, livelihood and security have been threatened by interference with your contracts. Our attorneys will identify the legal issues surrounding your interference claim and aggressively pursue your rights against the interfering party.

To learn more about our business litigation services and how we can help with your specific concerns, call (713) 222-7211 (toll free 713-222-7211) or contact our office online. Our experienced Houston, Texas, lawyers are dedicated to achieving successful results for every client, in every case. Se habla español.

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