Bell Model 212 Helicopter Crashes Near Azerbaijan Border

Figure 1: Rescuers at the crashed helicopter. Photo credit:

On May 19, 2024, a Bell Model 212 Helicopter crashed near the Iranian and Azerbaijan border carrying the now-former President of Iran. The Bell Model 212 aircraft is a civilian version of the Vietnam-era Huey helicopter, seen in iconic films about the era, and is still commonly in use today. Such aircraft are often referred to as legacy aircraft and were the workhorses of many civilian and military fleets globally.

The recent crash has once again brought to light the safety concerns associated with such legacy aircraft, particularly the Bell 212. Many of the older aircraft unless they are retrofitted lack modern safety and warning devices. In addition, as aircraft age, although manufacturers require constant inspections, oftentimes the inspection, and maintenance guidance are insufficient given the time and environmental wear of parts. Time and environmental factors can play a significant role in diminishing the life expectancy of an aircraft and essential parts of the aircraft.

Many similar older legacy aircraft have undergone safety issues, even with a plethora of spare parts available. It is unclear if the availability of spare parts due to sanctions contributed to the crash. Also, according to reports weather may have been a contributing factor.

It is important to note that although legacy aircraft may have contained the best safety designs when they were manufactured decades ago, they may not meet current safety standards now. Older aircraft can often be vulnerable to structural issues, and aerodynamic limitations and often lack modern navigational aids and warning systems.

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