Uprise in Gas Leak Explosions in North Texas

The Public Interest Research Group (PIRG) recently reported that since 2010, on average, every forty hours there was a fire or explosion caused by a gas leak in the United States. In the PIRG’s 2022 report, the PIRG documented approximately 2,600 gas leak explosions between 2010 to 2021. Further, the PIRG’s report found that those gas leak explosions and fires resulted in over a hundred fatalities and left more than six hundred people injured.

The Railroad Commission of Texas is the state regulatory agency that oversees the oil and gas industry. According to reports by the Railroad Commission of Texas, within the past three years, there have been at least six natural gas leaks in North Texas. Other reports by the Railroad Commission of Texas show that there is an increase in gas leak explosions originating from leaks on the customer-owned portion of the gas lines, which run under and inside buildings. The increase in explosions is attributed to factors such as aging infrastructure and service work; generally, anything that disrupts the gas lines can potentially trigger an explosion.                                               

Texas law entitles victims of a gas leak who suffer burns, injuries and/or the death of a loved one to seek compensation if the leak was caused by negligence. Often, leaks are caused by the negligence of those responsible for installing, maintaining, or inspecting the gas line.

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