Offshore Severe Injuries and Deaths Across America

There are different areas of the oil and gas industry that pose different risks for American workers. Those who work in oil and gas extraction are working in highly dangerous conditions. Well driving and service is another part of the industry, which is also very dangerous. Serious injuries and deaths happen every year offshore. It takes an experienced attorney to help injured workers and families of killed workers get their life back on track when an accident happens.

The reasons why American offshore work guarantees injuries and deaths every year vary. There is no doubt that working offshore poses dangerous working conditions. It is even more dangerous when companies have employees work longer shifts. Tired workers are more at risk of injuring themselves and others. Some offshore workers are young and not experienced enough due to inadequate training. There can be less access to safety equipment as well. Because time is of the essence in the oil and gas industry, shortcuts are often taken.

Shortcuts have no place in a work environment that involves flammable, combustible materials. With over 82,000 severely injured American workers from 2015 through 2022, it is clear that offshore workers have to remember to protect themselves by having legal counsel ready when an accident happens.

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