Boating Accident Leaves One Incoming High School Freshman Dead

Figure 1: Austin first responders at scene following the boat crash on August 13, 2023 in Austin, TX. Photo credit:

On August 13, 2023, a day on Lake Austin turned tragic when 14-year-old Kaden Forke lost his life in a boating accident. Kaden was a passenger on a boat. While on Lake Austin, his boat hit another boat’s wake, causing the driver to lose control and run aground, causing Kaden to be ejected. Kaden was not located until the following day, at which time he was pronounced dead.

According to Texas Parks and Wildlife, in 2023, there were 175 boating accidents resulting in over 28 fatalities and 76 injuries. As summer approaches, it is imperative for those operating boats to adhere to the state’s boating laws and exercise utmost caution while navigating waterways. 

Boating accidents are very dangerous, as they often cause serious, permanent injuries or even death by drowning. Boating accidents like this one are entirely preventable, and they are frequently the result of negligence or gross negligence.

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