$30 Million for Man Injured in Oilfield Explosion

Figure 1: The water tank installed by BHS Inc. that exploded due to a collection of pinholes in the tank. Photo credit: www.DenverGazette.com.

On a well pad in Greeley, Straughen, a well tester, was working on a fracking tank in December 2019 when he and a coworker heard a pop sound and saw a tank leaking smoke. Straughen asked his colleague to climb on top of one of the tanks to shut off the vent valves. However, the tank that Straughen was standing on exploded. Straughen was catapulted 27 feet in the air and his coworker was sent flying off the other tank and onto the top of another tank by the blast.

The explosion resulted in a fractured pelvis, spine, ankle, hip, and a traumatic brain injury for Straughen. As a result, Straughen spent several months hospitalized and in a rehabilitation center. Straughen ultimately ended up having to amputate his right foot due to the ongoing pain. These injuries caused Straughen permanent mobility issues and deprived him of his ability to participate in normal activities and action sports with his two children.

After the explosion, an investigation into the company who delivered the fracking tanks, BHS Inc., had placed damaged and faulty equipment on the Weld County site. The tank that exploded had holes in it so that it was not air-tight, and the tank was leaking hazardous vapors.

Straughen filed a personal injury claim against BHS Inc. in the United States District Court of Colorado. After a nine-day trial, the jury delivered a $30 million verdict for Straughen.

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