$32M Verdict for ElderCare Resident After Neglect at Assisted Living Facility

The Plaintiff, an 88-year-old woman, who was disabled and high fall risk, had dementia, and profound hearing gloss had been living at an assisted living facility since 2016. The Defendants began running this assisted living facility in 2019. Between June of 2019 through September of 2020 the Plaintiff suffered between 20 and 25 falls while she was under the Defendant’s care.

In October of 2019 the facility had to be evacuated, due to wildfires, and the Defendants evacuated the Plaintiff to a facility where she was housed but unsupervised along with 44 other residents. In a seven-hour period she suffered two unwitnessed falls where she fractured her left arm. After she had returned from the emergency room, the Defendants failed to pick up her pain medication and as a result she was not given pain medication for 15 hours after returning to Defendant’s care.

Later, the staff at the assisted living facility put Plaintiff in a non-medical transport without any medication, her hearing aids, or a safe discharge plan, to a hospital 80 miles north. A doctor and nurse at the hospital were so concerned about this reckless act that they contacted Adult Protective Services and the Defendant’s employee to express their concern.

Defendants did not track Plaintiff, nor did they know who or where she was being transported. The Plaintiff ultimately was transported seven times after that and went without her hearing aids for eleven days.

These negligent actions of this assisted living facility caused the Plaintiff to suffer a significant decline during her last few years of life. The California jury awarded a verdict of $32,085,777 to the Plaintiff.

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